Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Parilla Levriere / Greyhound in Argentina

Roberto in Argentina has gotten in touch with pictures of his newly acquired Parilla Levriere scooter (or Greyhound as the model was known in the UK and States). It looks to be in really sound condition and is a rare and unusual machine.

It is always good to hear from readers of the blog, to see their rides, and better still to help out a fellow enthusiast. Roberto was after a workshop manual so I was able to put him in touch with Philip in France who sent in pictures of his Parilla six months or so ago.  

Parilla Greyhound in Argentina

The 150cc two stroke power plant of the Greyhound. The same
motor as Parilla used in several motorcycles too.

This motor should make the Greyhound fairly spritely.
Parilla later became known for fast two stroke go-kart motors.

The other side of the Greyhound. Like many scooter offerings
from manufacturers more used to making motorcycles the
Greyhound is designed as much as a small-wheeled motorcycle
with bodywork as a fully-blown scooter.

Handlebars and cockpit of the Greyhound.


  1. My first machine was a Moto Parilla Levriere (Greyhound) 153cc manufactured in Italy in 1958.It now resides in a museum. Due to a damaged crankshaft keyway, it became inoperable. Somehow my amazing Father found me a brand new engine locally and the lovely Parilla motorscooter was given a new lease on life.After that I covered many happy touring miles on this dual saddle machine, which had begun its life in a scooter hire service in Belfast. It is dark blue in colour and has 12 inch San Remo alloy rims as standard.It has a 4 speed gearbox,handled very well and was very speedy for its time. If possible in the future, I will add a photo of the machine.

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for the comment. I've featured Parilla Greyhounds a couple of times on the blog and am amazed how much interest there has been in them. I had thought that they were extremely rare machines even back in the day but it turns out that there are quite a few folk out there have fond memories of them. If you do find a photo of the machine it would be happily received. All the best, Richard

    2. Hi Richard, Great that you were able to help Roberto in his search for a manual. As well as the Parilla Greyhound which is on loan to a museum in the U.K., I am restoring another Moto Parilla scooter in my spare time here in Australia. This is also a "Levriere"(Greyhound),but is a single seat model and orange in colour. The original colours were mostly orange and a light green. I have a few spare parts and some literature about the "Greyhound of Italian Motorscooters" as they were called, because of their nippy performance. In time I hope to post photos of both machines. Cheers, Rob.