Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sunbeam S8 combo

Here's a combo for Zach who recently mailed on the subject of Cleveland motorcycles and said by the by that more sidecar content would be nice. This is the best I can do for now chap but more sidecar stuff will come soon for sure. 

The bike is a Sunbeam S8, not easy to identify (at first I thought it was a BSA) but I often run a quick check on the registration number to see if the bike in the picture featured is still around. In this case the answer is yes it is and it dates from 1951 It was re-registered in 2000 and is not currently taxed for the road... Period legshields and voluminous screen to be noted and the chap is well protected in his riding mac. Any vintage lorry nerds out there who can identify the hgv in the background?

1951 Sunbeam S8 with sidecar.
1951 Sunbeam S8 with sidecar.

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