Saturday, July 14, 2018

A vintage vintage meet

A couple of pictures from the early days of the vintage movement. Taken at least fifty years ago: the 'modern' vehicles in the background are collectors items in their own right today...

I don't know the location but it could just be an early Banbury Run?

Happy news is that both of these machines still exist and happier still is that the Sunbeam is still out and about being used.

I know this a 1925 Sunbeam 599cc because it is written on
the reverse of the photo and because I checked and it is
still in existence and even better taxed and on the road until
May 1919!

1924 New Imperial. Happily still registered and around
somewhere, less happily it has not been taxed since 1980...


  1. A couple of your best pics there.
    Has to be a VMCC event, but not Banbury I think, as back then the Banbury run as back then it was based in the middle of Banbury, old cattle market or something like that. Looks to me like an airfield site. Mid 1950s I reckon from the clothes, I cannot see any recognisable 1960s cars, and a lot of the older cars and vans there would have fallen victim to the new MOT tests later. Interesting that 3 bikes have M reg nos which are all London issue;TT is Devon, OM /OM is Brum. EB is Cambridge. I can't decide if the tax disc on the Sunbeam is the new style issue, if so that would bring the date up around 1960. Midlands/South-ish?
    How nice those bikes look I bet some of them were unrestored well cared for bikes. I'll take the Sunbeam please.

    1. Yes, there's something about these pics isn't there. Strange to think that when they were taken the bikes were only something like thirty years old. I wonder if at the time these machines seemed to be from a more distant past than a bike from '88 does for us today? Was the riding experience of a flat tanker as different to someone used to, say, a Triumph 3TA as is the experience of perhaps an R80 BMW to a modern rider?
      I concur with the choice of the Sunbeam!

  2. OE or a Royal Enfield perhaps