Friday, March 23, 2018

Vilar Portugese motorcycle with Villiers 122cc motor

António in Portugal has gotten in touch asking for help with a set of forks for his Villiers engined Vilar.

Vilar were a Portugese brand producing smaller engined motorcycles with proprietry engines. António's Vilar is a 125cc model from the late forties / early fifties, it is fitted with a Villiers 9D motor and is apparently a copy of the Excelsior Universal.

To me it looks like the forks fitted originally were Webb lightweight pressed steel ones as fitted to a number of British lightweights of the immediate pre and post war periods, Coventry Eagle, Ambassador, Royal Enfield and Excelsior to name a few.

The rear wheel is also missing, I would imagine it would be a British Hub type as fitted to many other lightweights of the period.

If anyone can help António out with a set of pressed steel Webbs or rear wheel please get in touch and I will forward contact details on.

Some more details on the Vilar brand on the Motos de Portugal site.

Vilar 125 is a pretty good basis for restoration. Wrong forks

Interesting home bodge grafting the bottom of
the Webb girders on to a set of telescopic forks.
At least it means the original front wheel is still
with the bike.

And here is what the Vilar is based on, the Excelsior Universal.

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