Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Small Tiger Cub attached to large fairing

Looks like whoever had this 'droop snoot' fairing decided to attach a Tiger Cub to it.

Tiger Cub, alpha fairing.


  1. Wow! Quite a fairing. But the thing that surprises me is the small hood over the headlight. The photo is clearly vintage; note the long dress on the woman standing just off camera on the left. But the little headlight hood is there. I tend to think of them as modern accessories people pop on their motorcycles to make them look vintage and have always wondered if they ever were in common use back in the day. Here's my answer.

  2. those hood were a common accessory throughout the 1950s on,as was the droopy snoot. People fitted them to cars as well. I have fond memeories of those droopy snoots, during 60s/early 70s as a very hard up youth riding a BSA C12 I fitted one to my bike along with legshields,and rode in an old Stormcoat, not because I wanted to be the sort of old afart that I looked like but because Police were not at all likely to stop an old fart on a C12 who,unlike me, would have been taxed,MOT'd and insured. 100%legal