Monday, October 16, 2017

Triumph Tiger 80

Sweet posed wartime photo with a Triumph in the background. Looks like the model is a Tiger 80 350cc single from the late thirties. Note the wartime black-out headlight mask.

Wartime sweethearts posing in front
of a Triumph Tiger 80.


  1. Replies
    1. Good eye for the details as always David! I'm no uniforms expert at all but RAF seems like a very good guess to me. Most pictures I've looked at seem to have the wings on the chest, but those do certainly seem to be RAF wings on the right shoulder.

    2. I was going by the double-breasted jacket, which always looks naval. I don't see (on the Internet) double-breasted RAF uniforms unless as very heavy overcoats, which this doesn't look like. Major impression I get here: what a young man. What young men they all were... A great photo.

    3. Yep, that double breasted jacket is indeed a tell tale for a naval jacket. As you say, very young. These old photos always make me wonder what the story was of these peoples' lives. From the bike and scenario I would say the picture was taken early on in the war, did he make it through? I'm an optimist, let's say he did and they got married!