Thursday, October 12, 2017

Moto Piston Rally Santander Part 4

The final post on the Moto Piston International rally in Santander. The weather was looking ominous first thing for Sunday's ride but in the end the rain held off and the event for the day was a shortish jaunt out to a Moto Cafe for a big paella lunch followed by a visit to the impressive Moto Piston club house.

This was the day to give my '27 Triumph some exercise. We set off late and then made it about half a mile along the Sardinero sea front road before I came to a halt with some terrible binding noises coming from the Triumph's front wheel. Returning to the hotel initially seemed like an option but then spinning the wheel on the stand it locked up all together so there was no choice but to take it apart. Big thanks to Matt for hanging around and helping out with the job. The Triumph has an expanding band front brake and turns out the band is held in place by two bolts, one had fallen off and was rattling around getting caught up inside the drum. It looked like one bolt should still do the job well enough so with the stray bolt cleared out of the way and the whole lot back together on we went.

The woes weren't totally over for the Triumph as two cables went on to break, luckily though it was the air and decompressor so not show stoppers. Other than that the Triumph went well and hussled through the bends as well as much later bikes. In fact overall, despite the 40mph cruising speed, we kept up with everyone pretty well.

So, it's all over for another year. Had a fantastic time and here's to hoping I can make the next one... If you enjoy properly using your old bike and getting plenty of quality miles in this is definitely your kind of event. Do yourself a favour and enter next year.

Final thing to say is another big thank you to the organisers. Excellent rally.

Dai's drop dead gorgeous Matchless again.

Never enough pictures of cammy Velos either.

This Dutch BMW has been in same family
ownership and constant use since new.

Matt's Crusader sports next to a pre-war Ariel Red Hunter.

There were a few Harleys on the event this year. Foot clutch
seemed like hard work in town and in the mountains but
didn't seem to hold anyone back.

This 'Black Ariel' looked well used and indeed was. We saw it
heading home on the motorway leaving the Portsmouth Ferry

The very brilliant Moto Piston club house.

Every bike club should have a club house like this.

Inside is a club workshop, a collection of Spanish bikes, tons
of bike memorabilia and a bar.

Well exercised Triumph N in the foreground.

This Dutch cammy Norton was very
The underground parking at the Santemar Hotel
is one of the great sights of the rally. The whole
car park is taken over. Probably close to 500
classic bikes down there.

Pack up time. This is how a lot of the Dutch bikes
got there and back.

36 old bikes stacked up in there!

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