Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New Rolling 40 year MOT exemption

It's just been announced that here in the UK the current MOT exemption that applies to pre-1960 vehicles is going to be extended in scope to embrace 40 plus year old vehicles on a rolling basis.

That means that from May next year pre-1978 vehicles will no longer have to take an annual road-worthiness test. The rolling exemption is going to apply to 'lighter vehicles' ie cars and motorcycles and will not include those that have been 'substantially modified'.

For some reason this seems to be a controversial move even among the old vehicle movement. The fact is though that there are not that many old vehicles in regular use, those that are are cherished and the at cause accident rate for vintage vehicles is very low compared to modern vehicles. An exemption from MOT isn't an exemption from road worthiness, all the same rules apply. Have an accident in a poorly maintained vintage jalopy and you are more than likely going to have the book thrown at you and no recompense to insurance as you were driving an illegal vehicle....

So, come on, be happy that for once there is a rule been passed that actually facilitates us getting out and enjoying our old vehicles. If you are a naysayer, then you are still very welcome to go to your local MOT station and get your vehicle checked though all the same.

MOT fail now, still won't be roadworthy May next year...

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