Thursday, February 2, 2017

Shining up the Gilera

James' Gilera 175 Sport is getting an outing to the Bristol show over the weekend so time for a little love and attention. The bike is for sure never going to be a concourse winner but all the same out came the wax and polish.

I've been running it on a horrible looking modern battery for a while so it seemed like a nice idea to get something tidier looking. Italian batteries come in different sizes from British ones and any period correct ones I could find in the right sizes were very pricey. In the end I had the brainwave of searching scooter shops for Lambretta / Vespa batteries in the hope that they would be of the same size and came across Blitz batteries. They are a German brand and come in a range of sizes for continental machines; the batteries are gel type, finished on black and come with a hard rubber look lid. There's a few folks selling them on fleabay and, though not cheap pur se, they are a lot better priced than the alternatives. Job done.

Must get out on this bike more when summer comes around...

Gilera 175 Sport 1957. 
Handsome from either side.

Blitz battery does the job nicely. Camera angle
exposes that I didn't clean totally thoroughly...

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