Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dragon Rally 2017 pt2

More from last weekend's Dragon Rally.

Well done riding in on a Triumph Tiger Cub!

/2 Beemer, Norton single and one of the ubiquitous Urals.

Some rallyists go for a bush craft vibe and this
guy had it nicely sorted with his ES250 MZ,
basha keeping the weather off him, camp fire and
comfy chair.

MT350 combo in front of a BMW with Ural chair.

Part of the Dutch contingent of Harley combos.

Guzzi with Headingham.

Another Dutch Harley combo.

And another. Nice shape sidecar, not sure of the make.

Good show bringing a Vincent along.

Urals, Urals, Urals. Might be an odd Dneipr snuck in there

Lambretta and Beemer with strange choice of silencer.

Beemer 'flying brick' with Headingham.

There was some fairly extreme camping in evidence, this was
one of the most. Unless of course he wasn't really going to
sleep there and took a taxi to the Travelodge up the road...

The view Sunday morning.

Same view panned out.

There are no prizes at the Rally. Shame, for if
there was one for riding gear Matt would have
been the surefire winner with his 1945 military
issue despatch riders coat.

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