Thursday, November 3, 2016

Two wheeled goodness for sale

Since a sidecar has come in to my life I've been finding my garage very very crowded. Of course so the saying goes n+1 is the right number of bikes for a chap to own. Problem is a sidecar is n+2 space-wise so I need n+2(-1) to maintain equilibrium...

Anyways the finger of doom has pointed at my Royal Enfield J2. Or could this be a great opportunity for the bike to find a more loving and dedicated owner who will lavish more time and attention that I am able to what with my motorcycle lovin' being spread so thinly.

Also I did not know that bicycles are related to rabbits. Behind my back they have been multiplying furiously. At least one needs to go. The one that represents the biggest input in time and all for a cycle that will be too small for me to actually sensible ride is my (probably) Jo Routens.

Both of these gems have just now been anchored at the bay of e and can be found right here:

Royal Enfield J2

Jo Routens frame

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