Monday, November 28, 2016

Jack Hearne Cycle for sale

The minor clear out continues. Having now parted with a couple of motorcycles and one cycle frame with only one small twenties scooter incoming to take their place I am rediscovering the joys of being able to move around my workshop unrestricted once more.

Latest in the cull is my late sixties / early seventies Jack Hearne. I bought it originally as frame only out of nostalgia as I used to work for Jack a few years back. Jack Hearne is a name that has popped up in this blog a few times, for more related posts follow this link. Jack was a prolific frame builder through the sixties and seventies in Southern England; he was noted for a very fine finish on his frames, the frames themselves are of high quality but no nonsense generally being without signature fancy lug work or unorthodox design. The frame on this cycle is 19.5", given that I am over six foot tall I've decided that having had fun building the cycle up it is perhaps time for it to move on....

Condition is fair and rideable. There are a few chips on the paintwork but at least it is original, the handlebars and stem have a few scratches, the chainset has a few dots of rust but really it is fairly tidy though definitely not a show bike. It hasn't been used much since being built up, I had a lot of trouble with the chain jumping off, I've just recently fitted a fresh chainset, bottom bracket axle and chain. Turns out that most of the problem was with a cheap ebay chain, I fitted something of better quality and now it runs smoothly and skip free. Lesson learnt.

Spec as follows:
  • GB handlebars and stem
  • Nervar fluted cottered crankset
  • Wolber Model 58 rims (27 x 1 1/4) with new Schwalbe tyres
  • Campag hubs (slightly more recent vintage than the frame)
  • Mafac 'Racer' brake set
  • Campag Nuovo Record rear mech and six speed block
  • Recent leather saddle, Selle Italia perhaps? Looks nice, not particularly comfortable (for me at least!)
  • Frame material unknown, Jack normally built with 531 so this is a fair guess. Quite nice fancy Nervex lugs. Frame number 5165
Price: £375

I am happy to post it, round about £20 for most of the UK. Massively expensive everywhere else.
Having said I am having a clear out I am always happy to entertain proposals of swaps and part exchanges. My tastes are eclectic. Try me.


  1. What is the top tube length on this 19.5-inch frame, please?

    1. Hi there. Top tube measures from headstock to seat tube the same as the seat tube - 19.5".
      All the best, Richard