Monday, July 25, 2016

Wessex Veteran and Vintage Run

Near ideal weather for last Sunday's VMCC Wessex Veteran and Vintage Section's run tempted a decent number of bikes out to ride the lanes of Dorset. Start point was the very ideal restored platform of the Shillingstone Railway Project.

Sunbeam, Triumph and AJS line up on the platform with
Hambledon Hill Iron Age fort in the background.

AJS showing its big port.

Triumph Model H.

Triumph H with the traditional dispatch riders'
dodge of a leather belt around the fork in case
the spring breaks.

Douglas in just the right condition.

More of that Douglas.

1915 Harley Silent Gray Fellow combo and AJS G2 twin.

Close up on the 1915 Harley.

Coffee stop.

Lovely Sunbeam 350 sv sports ridden by Gez Cater who
turned up in period gear and runs a business making
bespoke leather gear and toolboxes for vintage machinery.

Very tasty BMW R57 stood out as way more
advanced than the Brit machinery of the era.

My Triumph Model N standing in front of a
'Yankee' type loco from Yugoslavia.

Local interest club badge on a flat tank

Side view of the BMW R57.

The R57's rear brake operates on the drive shaft.

Another R57 view just for the hell of it.

Douglas featuring tartan relief on the petrol tank.

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