Thursday, July 14, 2016

VMCC vintage cars invite evening

Fine riding weather has been lacking so far this summer but yesterday evening was an exception. The evening sun was a good excuse to get out and make the most of it with a ride over to the local Dorset VMCC meet for their annual vintage car and bike ride in.

The weather drew a decent turn out of bikes and five classic / vintage cars. Here are a few snaps of the machines parked favourably for photo ops.

Lovely unrestored BSA B31.

Series C Vincent Rapide wearing its age well.

Cracking AC Six two litre from 1925. Decent performance but
no front brakes!

Sweet Royal Enfield Model G.

B31, A65 and K75.

That B31 again. A perfect example of
British machinery from the golden era.

BMW K75. Now a classic.

Cheney Triumph.

Sunbeam S7 to the fore.

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