Thursday, May 12, 2016

Charterhouse Auction 11 May

A few pics from yesterdays' motorcycle auction by Charterhouse of Sherborne. A reasonable turn out of bidders and plenty of action from online bids. The surprise was that run of the mill machines were attracting a lot of interest, top end stuff less so and seemingly the market for number plate transfers is still alive and kicking....

Cute 1958 DMW 200P fitted with arguably
Villiers' best motor, the 8E, was bid to £1500
(don't forget the 10% buyers' premium). Less
than the somewhat optimistic estimate of £2200-
£2500 but it sold none-the-less.

Very rare 1965 DMW scrambler with their own
clone of the Villiers Starmaker lump fitted. Est
£3000-3500 and didn't meet reserve.

1928 Coventry Eagle is a very attractive vintage
bike. A slightly underwhelming 300cc sv JAP
motor fitted but still a useable machine. A good
buy at £4400 plus premium. Flat tankers had a
big jump in interest and price a few years back.
They seem to have leveled out now.

Another well presented Coventry Eagle. This one a Silent
Superb 150cc. Sold for £3000 plus premium.

Nice wing accessory fitted to the Coventry Eagle's headlight.

1952 Norton ES2 was an honest bike. Needed a
little fettling by the look of it and if it was indeed
sold at top bid of £2800 was a good buy.

Best bike of the auction condition-wise was undoubtedly this
1954 Matchless G9. At £4400 a good buy.

The Matchless appeared to be very meticulously restored.

1959 DOT trials didn't sell. Nice bike but the over optimistic
estimate of £3000-3500 may have contributed to this...

Super rare 1923 Grigg v-twin fitted with 1000cc Bacher and
Hellon engine was very lovely and a star of the auction. It
even came with a spare engine. Only bid however to £12,500
and not sold. Interestingly interest in all four of the v-twins
on offer (Grigg, Vincent, AJS and Matchless) failed to sell.
Perhaps sellers' expectations for them have just gotten too high?

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