Saturday, May 21, 2016

Blown ammeter

My Norton Dommi came to a halt and left me stranded roadside for the first time in seven years of ownership last Sunday. It started to splutter after I overtook a lorry and accidentally hooked it into a lower gear instead of a higher. It was the highest it's ever revved in my ownership and I was scared I had wreaked mechanical mayhem on it. I don't have problems switching from right to left foot gear change between bikes but somehow it's the gear patterns that get me when I swap to autopilot mode.

Roadside diagnostics revealed an electrical problem but with no multi-meter there was nothing obvious that stood out. On getting the bike home it didn't take long to see that power was getting through to the ammeter but not to the switch. There was an open circuit through the ammeter. On taking the ammeter off I could see that there was burning to it on the face. A problem I'd never heard of before and annoyingly it would have been an easy roadside fix...

Sick, burnt out ammeter....

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