Saturday, April 16, 2016

Vice happiness

This new to me Record number 34 vice has somehow brought a level of happiness to my life greater than anyone could reasonably expect from so humble an item. Perhaps it is because the vice is one of the most used tools in the workshop, perhaps it is because what it replaced was so very awful.

The former vice in my life was both worn out and ill positioned. I had never thought whilst putting together my workshop a couple of years back just how inconvenient a poorly-sited vice could be. I had the former vice pushed way too far over to one side of the bench thinking how wonderful it would be to have a large area of bench clear. We learn from our mistakes and I now know that nothing is better than a solid, quality vice sitting squarely in the middle of the bench. Here's hoping for many productive years of happiness together!

Thanks to Bob for his comment re positioning a vice on a bench. I'm embarrassed by the nature of my error but, lest others repeat my mistake, here is what Bob has to say:
"Love your new vice but us boring old ex-tradies will look at how you've mounted it and tut-tut. The edge of the rear fixed jaw should be just a whisker in front of the edge of the bench so long work can hang comfortably. Eg, cleaning up the thread on a brake rod.
The ideal height should be set with the top of the vice at the same level as the point of your bent elbow. Get it like that and vice work is a joy.
As it is you'd give my old apprentice master palpitations!"

Newly installed Record number 34.

The Record slap bang in the middle of the bench. Over to the
right that a watchmaker's / jewellers anvil. I liked it, somehow
it was cute but yes, correct, I never use it!

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