Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gold Top gauntlets review

The success of Lewis Leathers has prompted the revival of a couple of other old favourite British motorcycling apparel brands, Mascot and Gold Top. A good friend turned up on their bike with a pair of sheepskin lined Gold Top gauntlets a while back and I felt envious ever since. Luckily Santa Claus does indeed listen and Christmas Day under the tree these babies awaited me.

I've had the chance to use them for a while now. They look the part and are nicely made. The leather is spectacularly supple and the sheepskin lining toasty. They have, frankly, the waterproof qualities of a string vest but I guess you have to sacrifice something for style. Regarding protection, I think the best we can say is that they will offer it at vintage bike speeds. I had some concern that they would come off in a spill but if  you can be bothered to tighten the strap with the popper each time you put them on you should be ok.

Given the quality the gloves are good value and it's nice to know that a decent product can still be made in Britain and sold for a fair price. http://www.goldtop.co.uk/

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