Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tweaking the J2

1940 Royal Enfield J2.

Been spending a little time getting to know the J2 of late. I'm finding the performance a bit disappointing, it feels very torquey and powerful but not keen on revving and if pushed the vibes get intrusive. The timing didn't feel quite right for modern fuels and I was pretty sure the bike could pull a way taller gear. 

In went the bike to the workshop and off came the timing cover. I gave the timing pinion a small tweak of advance (it's all precision engineering in my workshop!) and re-assembled. Those high level pipes may look great but they don't half get in the way, look how they completely obscure the tappet cover and clip the top of the timing cover.

The J2 final drive gearbox sprocket is the same as that for classic Indian Enfields. The standard size is 16 teeth, I went for an 18. Luckily it just fitted without a new chain or having to add a link.

Out on the road there is a marked improvement. Comfortable cruising speed is up from 45mph to somewhere slightly above 50. Still scope for improvement though, I'm pretty sure the timing can be advanced further still. Now I've just got a slightly leaky petrol tank and a high oil consumption habit to sort out....

The exhausts were not made with practicality
and ease of maintenance in mind. They are
possibly not the original bend.

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