Monday, November 30, 2015

1973 Hagon Triumph Weslake Sprint Bike

This bike just stood out for me so much at the Westonzoyland Sprint that I've decided to dedicate a whole page to it. Maybe it's something to do with me trying to self-teach machine tool work at the moment and I am in awe of the skill and time gone in to this bike or it could be just that it is an incredible thunderous beast.

It is a 1973 Hagon-framed Triumph. Originally a full Triumph engine it blew up in 2004 and was rebuilt with a lot of Weslake parts. What makes it so special though is the number of home machined parts it carries and the care and attention that has been lavished upon it. Not just that but it is an extremely effective tool at doing the job it was made to do. It's one of those bikes that the more you look at it the more exquisite detail you see. 

The lines are right and the period nose cone
finishes it off perfectly.

Fast standing still.

Enough detail to keep an engine nerd occupied for a good while..
See the gearbox. Home-made.

Open polished rockers on the eight valve Weslake head. A
lot of extra bracing to keep that barrel and head from flying off!
Monster SU carb and home-made supercharger.

Home-made barrel too. 

Just look at that twist grip. Imagine the hours that went in
to that alone. Just the shape of it and then managing to knurl
it when it isn't round. I don't even know how that it done.

And here it is in action warming the tyres up.

And it's off. The noise was truly earth shattering. You
feel it inside you as it takes off the line.

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