Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rukka 3 Finger 'lobster' glove review

The last pair of winter gloves I had I eked out for a good ten years. The time finally came to buy a new pair when I arrived back home from riding the Hardy Trial with waterlogged frozen hands and threw them direct into the bin.

Given that a pair of gloves can last a very very long time in miserly hands such as mine I thought that this time I would invest in quality in the hope of warm and dry winter fingers. The Rukka brand carries a reputation of pre-eminence so it seemed like the way to go. Looking at the options for four season gloves the 3 Finger glove is the most budget in the range, Rukka claim them to be fully waterproof.

Pricing for Rukka products seems to be the same everywhere so I went to MotoLegends as I've bought from them before and the service is excellent. I went by MotoLegends' sizing guide and measured my hands up and put in an order. The gloves arrived swiftly and were...too small. No problem, I called up the customer service line and sent the old ones back. My return postage was refunded. I was recommended to go two sizes bigger, this worked - they are a generous fit but allow for an underglove in comfort.

The gloves have now seen a good bit of use, I wore them up to the Dragon Rally so they were certainly tested in the cold. I used them with undergloves and my hands were (admittedly though behind a fairing but without heated grips) very toasty for a long ride in low temperatures. They have seen showers but not heavy heavy rain and have remained waterproof. The comfort is extremely good and they are light, thin even, perhaps so thin that you cannot believe they will keep you warm. However they are very effective and I feel the Rukkas are money well spent. Perhaps I'll be reporting on how well they have lasted in ten years time...

Rukka 3 Finger 'lobster' glove.

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