Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Royal Enfield J2 1940

After four years tucked away at the back of the garage following its unfortunate attempt at self-immolation the 1940 Royal Enfield J2 is back on the road and riding better than ever.

The conflagration was caused by the timing slipping which was down to too much backlash in the timing gears. This is now fixed and with more accuracy in the timing it is running a treat. I took it on a favourite test run route, a loop of about 12 miles taking in Bulbarrow Hill, the highest point in Dorset. At the top I stopped to admire the view and take a few snaps. It was pretty gusty up there but the views stupendous.

There's still a couple of things to sort out: the front tyre has a flat from where it sat deflated for too long and the bike desperately needs a side stand - it is one heavy lump of iron. 

This Royal Enfield has an interesting history. It left the factory in 1940, as far as I know in civilian trim, and was sent up to a dealers in Liverpool. From there it was shipped out to India. I repatriated it along with a few other machines some 12 years ago. I sold it on to a friend and then nearly five years ago bought it back from him.


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    1. Thank you. Not totally original and quite rusty close up but still a looker!