Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dragon Rally 2015 pt 4

More Dragon Rally machinery.

Well used Norton 16H.

Jawa with strange Christian shopping basket atop the front

BSA M20. Pretty much an ideal bike for the Rally.
Shopping trolley trailer.

Vincent Black Prince. Great to see it used in earnest. Bravo!

We saw this Royal Enfield Bullet diesel combo riding to the
Rally. If you like slow bikes this should be pretty much your
ideal. This contraption is viciously slow.

Incongruous massive double adult sidecar hooked up to a
BMW K100RS. 

Awesome eighties airbrush art unicorn coupled with Vetter
luggage for full effect.

Great winter rally bike. BMW R100 combo with EML sidecar.

Hmmm... wonder where that BMW EML combo above comes

Beautiful Garrard sidecar coupled to a BSA Thunderbolt.

Love and Hate. MZ thug with box sidecar and skis.

Sprite trials bike.

I used to have a BMW R100R just like this one.
Seeing this made me feel quite nostalgic. Great
bike, undergeared for motorway use but superb
handling and brakes and a blast to ride on twisty
Lovely unrestored New Imperial.

Rider's view of the New Imperial.

This Velocette was ridden over from the Netherlands.

Another MZ combo with box chair.

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