Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bikes I have owned pt 1: 1931 Raleigh MO31

Forgive the self indulgence but I've just found a box full of old photos of bikes I've had over the years. This one in fuzzy focus is a 1931 Raleigh MO31 300cc sidevalve. Must have been about 15 years ago I had it. A sweet little bike, it was a high quality machine of its day with a full electric lighting set from new.

The MO31 was happy to rev and purred along at a 40 to 45 mph cruising speed. The handling was good for the time as were the brakes. 15 years ago a bike from 1931 was a bit unloved as it wasn't eligible for pre-1930 vintage events but didn't have any of the sophistication of later machines. The Raleigh came from a deceased estate up in Herefordshire, it had been unused for years, possibly not at all since restoration. I put it on the road and ran it around for a season. In the end it was sold to a guy from the Czech Republic who was a big time Raleigh collector.

1931 Raleigh MO31.
1931 Raleigh MO31.

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