Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bikes and bits for sale

Royal Enfield 350 trials for sale.
 Time for a bit of a clearout. Too many bikes, too many projects and not enough money. If interested in anything contact through email to the right.

Most will be going up on ebay in the next few weeks if not sold here first. By the way I'm always happy to put for sales up on the blog. Might even start it as a feature if there are enough...

1947 Royal Enfield Model G
- This bike is needing a lot of love and attention. There are some bits missing, notably the headlight and speedo and some a bit rough. It's totally restorable though. I had thought it would make a good greenlaner. In its favour it has matching numbers and its original number plate with V5C. Plus it is the chrome shortage year model so restoration will be slightly cheaper! Price? £1300

1992 Royal Enfield 350 Bullet trials
- Featured plenty in the blog, prepped for long distance trials and ready to use in anger. Lots and lots of modifications and money spent. Click on the Royal Enfield link to the right to see more. Shame to sell it as it is finally so well developed and capable but I'm building up a 1960 Redditch trials bike for the same purpose so it has to go... £1650

1940 Royal Enfield J2.
- A bit scruffy and needing some work. A couple of workshop sessions should have it back on the road. Potentially a solid big powerful pre-war twin port 500. Rebuilt top end, mag and carb. £4500 now or a bit more when I get the time to make it roadworthy again.

1961 Royal Enfield Bullet frame
- Sound condition. SOLD

Barbour International jacket with fur pile liner.
- Good condition and freshly re-waxed. About 10 years old. Size 42. I've shrunk slightly and bought a new jacket. £100

Belstaff Trialsmaster.
- Had it since I was 16 and it was second hand then. Size 42. Very well worn but still looks good. £85

Lewis Leather Black Prince jacket.
- Or might be a Mascot, different folks have told me different stories and it has no label. No matter what, it is a very nice original fifties leather jacket. Well worn but not worn out. £110

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