Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Bullet rides again

The poor old Bullet hasn't been used since being detached from the sidecar last summer. Seemed like it was time to get back on the road again. Haven't got much use for the old girl these days as current work doesn't involve a commute, spare time is at a premium and other bikes vie for attention. Funny how you get attached to a bike, logically this one should be moved on to a new owner but after fifteen years together we've been around India, overlanded home from India, down to the Sahara in Morocco and entered long distance trials. Would seem somehow disrespectful to cast her aside after all this time.

A bit of a 'Triggers broom' bike now with many of the major parts having been replaced. Putting her back on the road there's been a few more 'improvements'. A new toolbox as the old was rotted and hacked around, I couldn't find a lock mechanism in the spares box (or rather I could but couldn't find a key...) so bought a bolt replacement for the lock from Mr Hitchcock. It's a nice part, well made, a bit fiddly to fit but that is more down to the flexible tolerances on the Bullet as the quality of the new part. A Redditch Bullet alternator primary case has gone on. Looks a lot nicer in my view than the Indian one. The fork brace also went back on, not sure if it making much difference to handling as the frame isn't really much taxed by the power output. It was sitting on the shelf unloved and unused though so made sense to put it to use.

So, here she is, running nicely, imho looking great if in need of a bit of a cosmetic uplift and ready for a season of rallying.

Back on the road. That Woodsman exhaust looks great but
burns legs and luggage in equal measures.
Redditch primary cover fits straight on.
Spot the new tool box screw fellow anoraks!

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