Friday, December 20, 2013

Matt's BSA A10 combo

Got a chance to have a nose at a good friend's new wheels last weekend and have a spin too. The '59 A10 was bought by Matt recently, the sidecar frame separately a while earlier and the body somewhere between the two.

The sidecar frame is a Swallow, one of the infamous 'wobble wheel' models. The suspension is a short swinging arm controlled by rubber in torsion but the pivot point is directly beneath the axle meaning that there is no vertical movement. just a wobble in a short arc. Sounds awful, but combined with the rubber springing on the sidecar body combines to give a decent ride.

The sidecar body is an unknown, it had been fitted to a Panther and looks to be very thirties in style. It's light and looks classy so fits the bill. The mudguard is currently in for repair.

I've been lucky enough to have owned a pretty broad range of bikes in my life so far and ridden a fair few more. The A10 is a staple of the classic movement and held up as a best of British design. I've got joint ownership of a Road Rocket in pieces but so far taking one out on the road is a pleasure that's eluded me. Having had a go I can see what makes folks so enthusiastic about them. Easy starting, smooth power, sweet handling, quiet running and all in a characterful package. It's a really excellent bike. Power is plentiful for a lightweight sidecar with 60mph cruising easy and getting there swift.

Thanks Matt and family for the hospitality and joyride.   

A10 Golden Flash / Swallow combination.

Mix of periods between bike and chair but they go together nicely.

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