Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting the Wall Autowheel ready for the Pioneer Run

Work is underway on resurrecting the mighty Wall Autowheel for the Pioneer Run coming up at the end of the month.

Unused since it's last Pioneer Run outing two years ago when the engine cried enough and made a bid for freedom from cycle and rider in the middle of Brighton the Autowheel is now prepped to show its mettle once more. A repaired and strengthened mounting bracket has been fitted along with a cycle carrier. According to an experienced Autowheelist a carrier is a necessity in event of breakdown as the wheel and engine can be tied up off the ground by the carrier and the cycle used as an unencumbered pushbike.

On the last Pioneer Run I ran the 'wheel on straight 50 oil. This proved to be a mistake as, in the cold, the oil was too thick to get past the regulator. So much so that on the entire run no oil at all was used. This could have been disasterous but for the fact that I always run it on two stroke pre-mix as back up. Oil has been drained and 40 grade substituted.

This year there are nine Autowheel mounted entrants. A thunderous gang of Autowheel mounted renegades would be an awe-inspiring sight! Here's hoping that mine will make it a fourth successful run and other fellows of the 'wheel will have an equally fine run.

The Wall Autowheel. Cigar is optional, the
debonair countenance comes with the machine
as does the admiration of bearded bystanders.

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