Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BSA Bantam Trail Bronc

Cruising through ebay I came across this Bantam for sale, apparently a 1965 D7 Trail Bronc. I thought I knew my Bantams having cut my motorcycling teeth on a D1 and prepped and piloted a D1 'race' machine around a couple of Moto Giro D'Italias. I thought that there was no such beast as a 'Trail Bronc'.

1965 BSA Bantam Trail Bronc on ebay.

I have to concede to being wrong though and it was an American market model built from 1964. It was based on the D7 model and D7s finished in 1967 but some sources seem to say that the Trail Bronc continued until 1969.

At time of writing the ebay Trail Bronc is at £510 with two and a half days to go. Currently seems like a bargain. It'll be one of the rarest Bantams around and for a lot less money than a Bushman. Granted it may not be as good a bike being a 3 speed D7 motor and devoid of lights and front mudguard but who really cares?

This ebay one seems pretty good. The saddle is missing as are the folding footrests and upswept exhaust. Presumably though these components came from the BSA parts bin rather than being specifically for this model. Being so simple it should be a nice easy restoration project.

Information cribbed from:
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& The Early Years of Motorcross Trail Bronc page.

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