Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Autumn Nifty Run

The VMCC Stonehenge Autumn Nifty Run is an amble on a theme that has been gathering pace the last couple of years. Get out and about on slow bikes that don't normally see the light of day. Works as a concept for me. I like small bikes, I hate runs where I have to follow other folks around going faster than I want to. My fault of course, I could go at my own pace it's just that I don't like to follow route cards so find someone to tag along with and then get aggravated when I want to potter on a Sunday morning and they are in a race. Not that there is anything wrong with going fast, it is of course great, it's just that what I want to do on a Sunday morning is plod around in a slow daze enjoying the countryside. So all hail the grey porridge runs of the nation. Pre '73 and less than 250cc is the mantra. Plenty of Villiers Brit commuters mingled with some continental exotica.

Nicely used Moto Guzzi 235cc Lodola.

An unrestored and original James Cadet is where it's at...

Another unrestored gem. A post-war New Hudson autocycle.

Unusual and nicely restored Puch Split single. Split singles
were a concept popular in Germany and Austria in particular.
It sounded great and apparently they are fine machines but
the engineering is as much as for a proper twin. The Puch
even has two carbs. Apparently more efficient than a single
and nicer running at small throttle opoenings. A technical
explanation is on wikipedia. I believe this machine is a 175cc
SVS model.

Fine local machine club badge from the Lyndhurst and District
Motor Cycle and Light Car Club on a Francis Barnett Falcon.

Well used and patinated MZ 250cc Trophy.

Starting a pre-war New Hudson autocycle. Note the fitting
for a Watsonian bicycle sidecar.

In another run on the same day in the same place but
I couldn't resist a pic. A wonderful unrestored 1917 Harley
 that saw service in the First World War and ridden in by
local man Paul.

That Harley again in close up.

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