Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pre-war race meeting photos

Some pictures scanned from a family album (not mine!) of a trip to a late pre-war race meet. Absolutely no idea of the location. 

Lovely picture of a race-kitted Triumph Tiger 100.

Obviously a Norton, can't make out the model.

The combo is a Norton and a, presumably spectating, HRD
Meteor in the background.

Cracking ohc race BMW. The chap by the bike is from the
family album rather than the rider. 
Postscript - have received a mail from Ian Clarke. Apparently the above picture I identified as an ohc BMW is in fact a 1937 R5. Here are Ian's comments, 'Just looked at your BMW blog. Interesting piece on the RS. The photo of the pre-war 'ohc' twin is actually, I think you'll find, a 1937 R5. It's '37 because it has the air filter in the gearbox and R5 because it's a rigid frame and, as far as I can see from the photo, a pushrod motor.'
Thanks Ian for the information.

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