Monday, February 10, 2020

Four valves four speeds three wheels

A bit of a faded photo this one but the shape is the unmistakable one of a four valve four speed Rudge. Looks like the couple aboard the Rudge are on a holiday? The tents in the background are rather uniform, is it a holiday or is it a scout or army camp?

Mid twenties four valve four speed Rudge combination.


  1. Darkening the photo, the tents are "bell tents," used by British cavalry as early as the Crimean War. There are a lot of them in the photo but their arrangement doesn't look very military. More scout camp. The fellow may be in war-surplus great coat but he doesn't look very military either, given the ragged gaiters on his leg. He is bare headed and bare handed. I think we're on a summer holiday in the country.

  2. Over reading the photo? Bell tents are common enough and you can still buy them, he may well have been on a vist here to a Military manouevre, possibly a Territorials unit; there was a lot of that on Salisbury Plain, and the public would come to watch, as well as the possibility of a scout camp.A scout camp would have been laid out every bit as regular as a military camp back then,it's the UK not the USA,;-) He is wearing leggings not gaiters,standard gear at that time,look how they continue over his knee and over his shoes, and thats not a miltary greatcoat.