Thursday, June 6, 2019

Tiddlers at the Vine

First Wednesday of the month gentlefolk with more than a passing interest in old and low powered two wheelers meet at The Vine Inn near Wimborne. Balmy summer months are a good excuse for a powered amble along lesser used roads of the local area before the usual natter. Pictures and elaborations below...

First on scene, my BSA D1 Bantam.

Followed by two further wonderfully unrestored machines,
Lambretta LD150 and Raleigh RM4 Automatic. There was
also an immaculate Honda SS50 but I was remiss and
neglected to take a picture...

Closer on the LD150. On the run a good match for the Bantam.

The Raleigh was a flyer occasionally seeing 45mph. I've not
seen the swing engine in action before - it is pivoted from the
cylinder head and belt tension is maintained on the variomatic
gearing by means of the motor rocking backwards and forwards
as revs decrease or increase. More on Raleigh mopeds at the
Moped Archive:

As we approached Tarrant Rushton Airfield we were joined
by a WW2 Jeep.

On the 75th Anniversary of D-Day it was
appropriate to stop. Tarrant Rushton was
the take off point for many of the gliders that
took part in the operation.

Two large hangars are still standing at Tarrant Rushton.

There is a short length of runway left.

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