Friday, September 21, 2018

The Millenium wheel truing jig

I had been looking for a decent wheel truing jig for a while when this one turned up in the autojumble area of the Dorset Steam Fair. You see a few for sale but they are heavy old things and no-one really wants to post them. I had to carry this one from one side of the rally field to another and that ten minute hike seemed quite gruelling..

I'm a sucker for vintage tools and workshop equipment, more so if they are in cast iron and the Millenium is a doozy. All the fittings are there and the patina is nice, better still is that it is actually a solid decent and useful tool. I've got a couple of wheels to build up and true and with any luck this Brown Brothers product will serve me well. The cherry on top is the cardboard tag with a little bit of the personal history of the jig noted in ink in fine handwriting and dating from 1958. At a best guess the jig dates from the twenties.

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