Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pith helmets and bikes

A rather unusual gathering of motorcyclists.... No doubt taken somewhere in the British Empire and at a guess India. Written on the reverse is 'Inside Factory 1933'. Rather cryptic and I have no idea what or where the Factory was.

Helpfully the years and models of bikes are also noted down, from left to right: 1928 Triumph, 1931 Francis Barnett, 1928 AJS, 1920 Baby Triumph and 1923 Douglas.


  1. A really remarkable photograph. Architecture like the buildings behind them does appear in the major cities of India in that period. It references Britain certainly, but has a LOT of windows for ventilation. The men are almost in uniform, but the hats are in fact different in small ways and no two of the motorcycles are alike. No sign of any dispatch cases so perhaps these are the bikes the men use to commute to work, gathered for a photograph at "the factory" where they are office workers. Unlikely to work on a factory floor in white shirts.

    1. The bikes are truly a motley assortment. The chap on the Baby Triumph would have certainly had trouble keeping up with his buddies! I'm assuming they were an informal club of expat riders out in India.