Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Poole Quay Bike Night June 2018

My first ride to Poole Quay of the year, the first Tuesday of grey weather following two scorchers so turn out was not massive. There were still a number of interesting bikes to have a gawp at though...

Modern classic. Not a big fan of the graphics though.

Yamaha SRX. Sweet looking bike, you used to
see a few of these around but they've gone to
ground of late.

Marina eye candy. A pair of Rivas.

Indians seem to be selling well locally, suddenly there are a lot
of them around, mainly Scouts. Many are getting modified
too. This one isn't 100% to my personal taste (about
which I'm sure the owner gives not a s***, and why should he
or she) but there are some interesting and well executed mods
to be seen on it.

Overall slightly steam punk.

Some nice engraving.

Very clean oil behind that glass fronted tank.

A stripped down Norton Dominator and Greeves
Scottish make for unusual riding companions.

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