Sunday, April 8, 2018

Early fifties Liner motorcycle from Japan

Here are a couple of very unusual photos. They came to me with a small number of other pictures taken from the album of a well travelled family of motorcycle enthusiasts. It must have been rather out of the ordinary for a foreigner to be out on the roads on a motorcycle in Japan in the fifties.

I've struggled to find out anything on the bike other than the brand on the tank, it is a 'Liner'. Whilst stylistically it takes cues from a Triumph Terrier or Tiger Cub (look at that petrol tank badge) the machine overall is very much not a copy and the motor is quite individual. If anyone out there knows more about Liner motorcycles please do fill us in...

Japanese Liner brand motorcycle from the 1950s
Showing some leg in a Japanese village
with a Liner!

Japanese Liner brand motorcycle from the 1950s
Japanese 'Liner' brand motorcycle from the

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