Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Motorcycles at the Haynes Museum

Compared to the floorspace given over to four wheelers the motorcycle hall at the Haynes Museum is modest in size but holds some gems. A visit to the Museum is well recommended: the four wheeler collection is very impressive and two wheeler fans have the speedway collection and the British Motor Scooter collection to amble around as well as the motorcycle hall. Below a few pictures from my after hours wander around the Museum on the night of the Exeter Trial.

Very well executed BSA A7 Star cut away. It wan't labelled
as such but I feel it must have been a BSA factory job for shows.

That cut away A7 again.

1923 Francis Barnett Model 3 147cc.

Unusual 1927 Triumph Model W 277cc. The strange capacity
was actually a tax dodge. and a sales pitch. At the time there was
a cheap road tax bracket for motorcycles under 200lbs in weight.
Most machines aimed at that market were 225 or 250cc,
Triumph added a few extra ccs in the hope it would attract more

 Very rare 1936 Excelsior Warrior 348cc

1938 Scott Clubman Special 596cc

1939 AJS 'Silver Streak' Model 39/22 250cc 

Matchless engined Brough SS80 combo.

The collection's 'moderns'.

And the 'olds'.

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