Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Velocette Valiant 1957

Velocette's new for '57 Valiant. Definitely one of the more interesting of postwar British machines. With hindsight it is easy to wonder what on earth a small company like Velocette was doing introducing an expensive and relatively complex machine with an unusual and small engine size. After all, if you were an enthusiast you would buy something bigger and for commuting a Villiers power egg would do nicely. The attempt though matched the name, Velocette didn't shift many units but they did come out with an attractive, if flawed, machine. The lasting reputation is one of frailty, but that applies to so many of the British 250s that were actually pretty good designs and reliable if ridden within limits and maintained as recommended - not something that many sixteen and seventeen year olds were apt to do!

1957 Velocette Valiant brochure page 1.

1957 Velocette Valiant brochure page 2.

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