Friday, February 5, 2016

Veteran Rover motorcycles

At first I thought this pair of machines were both Triumphs just from a quick look at the petrol tanks. A more in depth examination however reveals magnetos situated aft of the engines and Druid type forks rather than the rocking Triumph type with horizontal spring. My best guess is that they are Rovers. The unusually shaped silencer box in front of the engine on the combo should be a giveaway. Rovers used a similar silencer but in all pictures I have found it is barrel shaped rather than angular so that leaves the identity rather uncertain.

Date-wise the machines would both appear to be from the period immediately prior to WW1. Their number plates are very close together so they must be of approximately the same age. The solo machine is a TT type model with single speed direct belt drive which should certainly place it as from the veteran era.

If anyone out there can enlighten further then please do get in touch. 

A pair of veteran Rover motorcycles.

Looks like the same photo except the chaps in the combo
have swapped places.

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  1. The guy on the other machine barely shifts his cigarette in his mouth. Only the fellow with the pipe looks up at the camera. Photo shot with subjects looking into the bright sunshine, probably.