Saturday, January 16, 2016

Indian Brave brochure 1955

The once noble Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company of Springfield, Massachusetts had to endure many an ignominy before reaching the current revival. The first of these was at the hands of the British Brockhouse company who bought the rights to the name after Indian went under in 1953.

Brockhouse was a heavyweight engineering company who had already dabbled in motorcycles in a small way with the Corgi scooter. After purchase of the Indian name the Corgi was marketed in the States under the Indian brand as the Papoose model. The next step was the Brave.

The Brave was sold primarily on price and was notable for having a sidevalve motor of 250cc when other manufacturers had moved away from that format to overhead valves or two strokes. Also noteworthy was the Indian's woeful lack of power, one can only speculate in disbelief over how appalling the performance must have been when hitched to the optional sidecar. Despite all this the Indian Brave is now sought after (just shows the power of branding folks!). This brochure dates from 1955; the over-egging of the 'Red' Indian Brave connection is hugely crass to modern eyes. 

Brockhouse were later responsible for bringing Royal Enfield motorcycles in to the States under the Indian brand.

Front cover of the 1955 Indian Brave brochure. The 'S' in
Model 'S' is for spring frame.

It's a fold out brochure. Apologies
for cutting it up in the scan but it
was the only way to do it.

'No reservations about this Indian' - eugh!

Last scan of the centre fold out.

Rear cover of the 1955 Indian Brave brochure.


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