Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Repro Esway prop stands for vintage bikes available

The EsWay prop stand has featured a couple of times before on the blog. Now it pops up again on account of the stand being back on the market. I'm a big fan of these stands, hauling a pre-war bike up on to the rear stand is a bind and carries fairly high potential for back injury.

EsWay telescopic stands hit the market in 1927 or shortly thereafter and were available until the fifties (presumably up to somewhere around the point that side stands became standard fitment on all bikes). They're a good period accessory, the design is neat and the function is better than a conventional side stand. Some criticise that it is pretty catastrophic if you forget to raise the stand before setting off but we wouldn't do that would we?

Mick Hall has gone to the effort of making these replica EsWays and is selling them under the name of Vintele prop stands. The stands are a very reasonable £120 in powder coated finish with stainless fittings. Definitely recommended if you have a pre-war bike.

Original EsWay shop card flyer.

An EsWay fitted to my '27 Triumph Model N.

And one on the Royal Enfield J2.

Here's Mick's Panther test bed with unpainted Vintele stand.

What you get for your £120. Good value: there's a lot of
individual parts here. I've gone to the effort of making replica
vintage parts in the past and know from experience that it is
a labour of love rather than a get rich quick scheme!

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