Wednesday, July 8, 2015

CCM 604 - a bit of a change

The venerable Indian Bullet went on to pastures new a few months ago now. The idea behind the sale was to get some cash in hand and clear some space to buy a nice, low maintenance, easy to ride off-roader for MCC long distance trials, something like a Beta Alp or a Yamaha Serrow.

I let slip the plan to long time friend Ian who just happened to have a CCM 604 spare. Of course this is the very same 604 you see in the pictures below. Having been offered the bike I wasted no time in persuading myself what a fantastic machine it is and how suitable for my purpose it would be. Plus a tiny little Beta Alp would be quite dull. Thus a big 52hp off-road behemoth has become resident in my garage.

The CCM is indeed a cracker of a bike, dependable Rotax engine, top spec suspension and just something of the right stuff about it. Unsuitable as it may be to my brief it is a hoot to ride, and that's before I've tried the spare pair of supermoto wheels that came with the bike.

I'm going to give it a crack in long distance trials, perhaps with an entry to the Edinburgh trial in October. The CCM shouldn't need much modification to be far more competant than my riding abilities. A smaller gearbox sprocket, higher bars, slow action twist grip and a route holder should be enough.

CCM 604 posing on a green lane. Definitely need to get a bit
more off-road practice on it before enttering an event. It's a
tractable motor but gearing is a little tall for long distance trials.

Same bike, same place, different view. The Rotax 604 motor
is great fun. It could be transplanted into an old Brit frame to
make a sweet back roads cafe racer.

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