Saturday, November 2, 2013

Britax Hurricane Ducati 50cc racer 1955.

Brochure for the slightly bonkers Britax Hurricane 50cc racer. Britax were the UK importers for Ducati who at that time only produced the Cucciolo cycle attachment.

Britax sold the Cucciolo both as an attachment and as a complete machine in several formats. One was the standard cycle, a heavyweight open cycle frame with girder forks and drum brakes fitted. Then there was the Scooterette, the same thing but with a scooter-ish style body fitted. The piece de resistance was the Hurricane, aimed at the fledgling 50cc racing category.

Underneath that dustbin fairing were the same cycle parts as fitted to the standard and Scooterette models. The pedals were removed and a megaphone exhaust fitted. I'm not sure if any modifications were made to the engine bar the fitting of a megaphone exhaust. The Hurricane holds the claim of being the first production 50cc racer and 50mph top speed was claimed.

There is at least one survivor (though perhaps only one was ever made!) and it was in the Saltarelli Collection in Italy. The collection was split up and sold off by RM auctions in Monaco last year but the Hurricane did not feature in the lots so who knows where it is now.

There are some nice pictures of the Hurricane in action and at rest here.

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