Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Royal Enfield Model G Trials for sale

Mine for the last five odd years and featured in earlier posts, my Model G trials is up for sale. I got it from a chap who lived up in Redditch who had put it together in the eighties. He won a lot of events on it. I have won none! In fact I haven't really used it enough and with an imminent arrival in the shed it needs to find a new home...

When I got it the Model G sported girder forks, I wasn't too happy with the geometry of them and although previous owner had proven them to work by winning I found them difficult so have fitted a pair of Indian Enfield teleforks (better than the Redditch ones as they are double damped). I also fitted a more attractive tank and exhaust. The bike is a bitsa, the engine is a Model G with an ultra rare pre-war Bullet alloy top end, the gearbox is Clipper and the wheels Bullet. The frame is a Model G. Geometry is spot on for trialling but it is a cut and shut job and function over form, should you care to it could be tidied up. Engine tune is for stump pulling torque and it will mount most rises at tick over with the ignition slightly retarded. It is not road registered.

I also have a 1947 Model G project that comes with matching numbers V5c and a nice Eric Cheney modified trials rear triangle. It could be amalgamated with the up together trials machine to make something very nice, as indeed it had been my intention....

Both machines are reasonably priced. Contact through blogspot or facebook if interested.

Update 23 July: The up together machine is now sold. The project is still available. 

Royal Enfield Model G trials for sale.

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