Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dunkley Whippet Sports brochure 1958

The mighty Dunkley Whippet. A bit of a change of direction for pram manufacturers Dunkley but back in the fifties plenty wanted a piece of the moped pie. I'm torn between the Whippet name conjuring up images of lean race dogs or dour pigeon fancying folks in flat caps. Either way the Whippet is a fine looking machine, very Italian influenced (as to be expected when many cycle parts were sourced from Italy) and decidedly unusual for a British moto of the period being a four stroke in the sub 125 capacity class.

Dunkley was in the two wheeler market from 1957 to 1959 and in fact the machines were follow ons from the Mercury Mercette, Mercury having handed in the towel in early 1958. More on the Mercury and  a bit on the Dunkley on the excellent NACC website. Also on the NACC website a comparison test between the Whippet and the BSA Beagle! Proving that the big boys thought that there was something right with the concept though they too got it wrong in the end.....

Dunkley Whippet Sports brochure page 1.

Dunkley Whippet Sports brochure page 2.

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