Monday, January 14, 2013

AJS flat-tanker out camping

Certainly not taken by a professional photographer but a nice evocative period shot of a chap out camping on his flat-tanker. To the best of my knowledge it's an AJS, certainly a side-valve model and dating from the mid-twenties. Check out the huge pillion seat! Looks like one of the ones designed for a lady to ride side saddle on.

The registration number NP 5636 is a Worcestershire one. I don't stoop to the depths of nerdery of in-depth knowledge of registrations. A list of letters corresponding to regions can be found here:  ( I remember one time riding back from Montlhery on the Velo and stopping at a cafe. A fellow brit came running over very excited. An old bike out and about normally creates some interest but this guy was very animated. He said, "Crikey, LJN, that's a Bournemouth registration plate". Not a spec of interest in the bike buy very stimulated over the plate. Takes all types...

Flat tank AJS on a camping trip.

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