Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dayton Albatross Scooter 1955

The mighty Dayton Albatross was one of the finer British scooters. It missed the point of a scooter somewhat, but if your taste in scooters veered away from a stylish Italian lightweight and what you really hankered for was a big slab of British small wheeled beef then the Albatross was designed for you. Initially introduced in 1955 with a Villiers 1H 225cc single motor, a couple of years later the 2T 250cc twin engined version was added to the line-up, also under the 'Albatross' moniker.

Debatably the Dayton was the nicest of the British scooters. The DKR Defiant was a very similar machine with the same Villiers engine but lacking the style of the Albatross. There was a reasonable market niche in the fifties for 'super scooters' and the Albatross was a good match for the market leading German models from Heinkel and Maico. There's a reasonable survival rate and the twin cylinder models are amongst the most sought after of British scooters.

1955 Dayton Albatross brochure page 1.

1955 Dayton Albatross brochure page 2.

1955 Dayton Albatross brochure page 3.

1955 Dayton Albatross brochure page 4.

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