Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watsonian Sidecars 1958

A couple of years back I bought a Watsonian Avon super sports sidecar. The owner had used it fixed up to a Vincent. It's beautifully made sidecar with a lovely period feel to it down to the wooden dashboard and glove box. The owner had the original brochure, he wanted to keep it for sentimental reasons but lent it to me to make a copy. Now having two children the Avon doesn't suit my needs and will hopefully find a new owner shortly. Having gone to the effort of scanning the brochure I thought it would be worth posting it up for other enthusiasts. It's a nice glimpse of times past and shows just what a variety of chairs were available to fit to your bike in the fifties when they were still seen as a regular form of family transport. There're not many survivors of any of these models. If anyone has a spare Maxstoke two seater available let me know! Click on the individual images to see as a larger size...

1958 Watsonian brochure.

1958 Watsonian brochure.

1958 Watsonian brochure: Oxford and Cambridge models.

1958 Watsonian brochure: Maxstoke and Light Maxstoke models.

1958 Watsonian brochure: Ascot and Ascot De Luxe models.

1958 Watsonian brochure: Monarch and Monarch Coupe models.

1958 Watsonian brochure: Avon and Monaco models.

1958 Watsonian brochure: Eton and Marlow models.

1958 Watsonian brochure: Bambini model and VG chassis.

1958 Watsonian brochure: SV chassis.

1958 Watsonian price list.

1958 Watsonian guarantee.

1958 Watsonian price list.

1958 Watsonian optional extras list.


  1. Great brochure!! I work for Watsonian Squire USA

    1. Thanks for the comment and for checking out my humble blog. Best wishes with putting America on three wheels!