Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vintage Revival Montlhery part II

Cycle race 'stayer' in action.
One of the several cycle pacers in the 'stayer' parade. I'd hoped that they might be actually pacing period track bicycles. If I'd have had a suitable treader there I might have volunteered though it could well have exposed a fitness deficit. Plus I suspect that there is quite a degree of skill required from both the stayer pilot in keeping a nice steady pace and the cyclist keeping close enough to benefit with making catastrophic contact. Look at the huge wooden belt pulley.

Sima Violet flat twin two stroke racer - loud!
Quite possibly the loudest vehicle I have ever come across. Sima Violet monoposto racer. A flat twin 500cc two stroke engine running through short megaphones. More noise than speed perhaps but it kept a fair pace with later sports Morgans with an engine only half the size.

Super Kim Agentinian land speed record contender.
'Super Kim' Argentinian record racer. Built by a producer of motorcycling accessories from the starting point of a Zenith, it sadly never quite broke any land speed records but was beautifully made. 1700cc and supercharged. As a nice touch relatives of the builder were at the event but alas the bike was not fired up.

Bugattis hit the accursed chicane.
 A pair of Bugattis on the dreaded Montlhery chicane; seemingly put in the track to stop folks getting high up on the banking. It was one disappointment of the event, given that there were so many authentic speed bowl racing machines present, that entrants weren't able to give full gas and lap on the full banked outer circuit. The section of banking used nowadays is relatively small and getting up near the top is a challenge.

'Piglet' GN / Ford special.
Frazer Nash / GN / Ford special 'piglet' replete with taxidermy weasel gave a good showing of itself around the circuit.

Maserati monoposto dash.
Dashboard view of a Maserati monoposto.

Sandford three wheeler on the grid.
French built Sandford three-wheeler on the starting grid. With a 1100cc Ruby engine it is quite a potent machine. In its day, more rapid and refined than a Morgan but doesn't hold up against the power to weight of a developed racing Morgan.

Strange 'Ganardiz' rotary engined beast.
I know nothing about this wonky French one off rotary aero engined machine other than it says 'Ganardiz' on the tank, has a Sturmery gearbox, looks a bit ungainly and runs. It was started up by the owners but not ridden, the exhaust note was suprisingly subdued given the stub exhausts. That carb has its work cut out though supplying five cylinders!

Lovely Darmont three wheeler.
Look like a Morgan but isn't. French built, Blackburn engined, Darmont.

Koehler Escoffier race monster.
Awesome French built Kohler Escoffier race bike. 1000cc ohc v-twin,

Nougier Magnat Debon 125cc record breaker.
Nougier Magnet Debon record breaker. A genuine Montlhery bike, back in 1938 this machine took four speed records. 125cc, double overhead cam and four speed box. It took the 100 kilometers record at 114.450 km/h as well as the one hour, fifty kilometers and fifty miles records.

'61 Norton Dominator 99ss homeward bound.
My '61 Norton 99ss loaded up and on its way home. A 700 odd mile round trip. Excellent event, thoroughly recommended and assuming it is held next year I hope to be back and perhaps on the track....

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